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Cantine Aperte 2022


Cantine Aperte 2022

  • 29 May, 2022
  • Guagnano (Le) Italy

On Sunday, May 29, we are waiting for you at our Winery in Guagnano for the annual event of Cantine Aperte 2022.

For the occasion you can visit free:

  • the Winery
  • the Barrel cellar chilled with waterfalls on the walls
  • the interior Museum
  • and taste all our wines.

For the occasion, we have organised a promotional sale of our wines.

It will also be possible to taste the specialities of FRISA&GO (Made in Salento-Friselleria Mobile) and the Pasticciotto leccese.

For info and contacts:

  • Antonio Bello cell. 347 8066662

We wait you for a wonderful party!