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Le Ricordanze®

Le Ricordanze (passito) Salento IGP

Le Ricordanze®

Salento IGP Passito

This raisin wine was another big bet of Cosimo Taurino when planted in Puglia the Rhenish-German Riesling and French Semillon. The vines grew slowly in the Salento, so that the first vintage to be bottled was the 2002.
Unfortunately, the one who had wanted so much to believe in this bet, in 1999 he left us. Is dedicated to him this wine, Le Ricordanze.
It’s a dessert wine, from complex and very intense bouquet due to late harvesting of the grapes (late August) which determines a high concentration of sugar.

Made from the following types of grape

  • Semillon 50%
  • Riesling 50%

Organoleptic test

  • Colour: intense straw yellow
  • Fragrance: very elegant with raisin and floral flavorings
  • Taste: sweet and very balanced fresh, not cloying or honeyed but soft and elegant


  • Classification: raisin wine
  • Served with: desserts almonds paste, pasticciotto of Lecce and desserts in general, soft cheeses
  • Serving temperature: typical of sweet wines