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Cosimo Taurino® Winery

Winemakers for passion from as many as seven generations

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Perseverance and love for the land

Red, rosé and white wines from Salento of exquisite workmanship

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A constant effort

A modern winery with the most beautiful enological productions of Salento

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Production of high quality wines of Puglia

Cosimo Taurino Farm in Guagnano, a small town in Salento, from generations produces fine wines of superior quality. By the loving care for the vines and for the land are obtained red, rosé and white wines of Salento by fine workmanship, from grapes vinified using traditional techniques.


Cosimo Taurino

Thanks to Cosimo Taurino, a man of great values and founder of the Farm in 1970, are created strong and immediate, generous and soft wines. Today the family continues to produce its wines known and respected around the world.


The grapes of Salento

From grapes of Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera
born important and prestigious wines that the Taurino family produces from seven generations by selecting only the best grapes and making wine according to tradition.

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The wine of Cosimo Taurino

Patriglione, Notarpanaro and all wines of the Cosimo Taurino Farm have always been known for the quality unchanged. To make great wines don’t only need expertise, but is needed love and commitment
for the land.

Cosimo Taurino great wines of Salento

Cosimo Taurino was the founder of the Farm that since 1970 produces only great wines in the name of a quality policy which inspired the work of this great man of the South.


Today, the historical worldwide known family business is run with hard work and commitment by Cosimo’s wife, Rita, their daughter Rosanna and her husband Fernando Antonio. Together with a team of skilled employees, they personally manage and take care of all the company’s business sectors. Open to technological progress but faithful quality imperative, helping to keep alive the memory of the devotion, fidelity and intelligence of the founder Cosimo Taurino.

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