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Antoros Rosé Extra Dry


Rosé Extra Dry

The name of this Rosé Extra Dry ANTOROS Sparkling Wine comes from the fusion of the names of Antonio and Rosanna, owners of Cantine Cosimo Taurino, where the word Toro, the symbol of the company, derives from the union of the two. Obtained from Negroamaro grapes that identify the territory, it is great as aperitif.

Made from the following types of grape

  • Negroamaro 100%

Organoleptic test

  • Colour: crystalline light pink
  • Fragrance: fresh, rich with notes of ripe red fruits
  • Taste: soft, balanced, fine and persistent perlage


  • Classification: sparkling rosé extra dry
  • Served with: hors d’oeuvres, fish dishes, seafood
  • Serving temperature: 6-8° C